1 Samuel 25-26

You know when you see a really legit person with a horrible spouse who has no idea how good they have it? That’s our girl Abigail for sure. Whether you’re a man or woman, single or married, we have some really great things to learn from her.

She’s loyal without being blind. She recognizes her spouse’s stupidity, yet covers him well in his mistakes. She has great negotiation skills, promotes peace, makes a plan, and then leaves plenty of room for God to get involved in it. Dang! This lady is legit. (Come on, David, do you really need two wives at this point? Abigail is clearly enough woman for you.)

Personally, I love how homemaking is such serious business in the Bible. Western culture tends to frown upon it, thinking less of it. Even as a stay at home mom, I tend to think that too sometimes. Like it’s just Netflix and folding laundry (eh, truth be told, sometimes it is). But whenever I read about homemakers in the Bible, they are gettin’ it done. They work hard and are a huge asset to their husband’s success. Readers, whether you work full time out of the home or in the home, are single or married, read Proverbs 31. Women: let’s strive for this. Men: look for this. A woman of noble character gets up early, cooks breakfast (I hope Poptarts count), is trustworthy, wise, energetic, strong, and a hard worker. She helps the poor, uses her skill set to earn money, plans ahead, has a good sense of humor, kindly corrects, fears the Lord, focuses on inner beauty and suffers nothing from laziness. 

What good motivation for a Monday morning!








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