1 Samuel 11-12

First off, I kinda love how as soon as Saul receives the Holy Spirit he goes all Conan the Barbarian as God’s way of saying, “Ain’t no way you’re gonna gouge my kid’s eyes out!” 

After the victory against the Ammonites, Israel is suddenly real on-board with Saul being the king. A little too on-board. But really, wasn’t it the power of God in Saul they were attracted to?

In Samuel’s speech, he says Israel’s down fall is they “forgot the Lord” (12:9) They forgot how clutch He is at saving them and starting putting their hope elsewhere.

He disciplines them, then promptly comforts. 

Hone in on the last part of the speech (12:20-24) and write down these promises and exhortations. What strikes you the most?

Today, for me, it’s:

“Do not be afraid; you have done all this evil. Yet do not turn aside from following the Lord with all your heart.” 

Failure is inevitable, but God picks me up, dusts me off and tells me to keep going, keep loving. He doesn’t disqualify me and that is truly wonderful news. It’s so easy to give up or spiral once we’ve made a mistake because we want to be perfect. If I’ve already messed up this much, what’s the point? HE’S the point! His name! His glory! His goodness! His salvation and purposes for mankind! He’s not done with me and He can even still use me. “It pleased Him to make a people for Himself.” 

Wow. I love Him. Don’t you? What do you want to remember about Him today?


2 thoughts on “1 Samuel 11-12

  1. Ashby

    I’m really convicted by this part: And do not turn aside after empty things that cannot profit or deliver, for they are empty. – verse 21

    I always pine after pretty, shiny things that offer immediate comfort: food, money, material possessions. TV. Anything, really. And “they are empty”. Empty! But I still want them! And I forget the Lord again and again, just like the Israelites…

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  2. As I read chapter 11: 6-8 I hear how much God is actively involved in the outcome of the city of Jabesh. “The Spirit of God came upon him”, & “the terror of the Lord fell on the people”. God is doing everything, but how easy would it be for Saul to take all the credit for God’s idea of cutting the oxen, the terror He put in the people, and uniting the army which ultimately saves the city.
    I wish I could read about God’s action in my life, specifically. I want to see how many events was actually God’s hand working out the simple details which directed my life, changed an outcome, or saved me. I’m sure I’ve missed many opportunities to see God working due to my pride in thinking “wow, my idea just united a people and saved the city, go me!”

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