Leviticus 13-14 B

I get really confused about Leprosy. The LORD makes a big deal about the priests diagnosing it, and then isolating the person, as if it’s contagious.

Through the years, it’s been discovered that leprosy is not contagious, and much Christian missions work has been done treating leper’s and sharing God’s love through touch and healthcare. Jesus healed leper’s so they could be reintroduced to society. What am I missing here? If you have insight into this subject, please advise.

Perhaps it was part of the extreme measures needed for this new, society-forging moment. In any case, this is a good reminder to always do a few things:

  • Ask questions about the time, place, circumstances and occasion for Biblical laws:
  • Observe what changed and what stayed the same with Jesus.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions!

I recently read this article and found it super interesting. I love Philip Yancey. He’s an excellent observer and question asker.


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