Hosea 3-4 B

“Since Israel is stubborn like a stubborn heifer, can the LORD now pasture them like a lamb in a large field?” (4:16)

I want to know just how many times in the Bible the LORD calls Israel stubborn. It is one of their most talked about features. Stubbornness is a strange thing. Sometimes it’s great to be stubborn, unmoved by passing fancies, sweeping trends and peer pressure. Other times, it’s super annoying.

Over and over, the LORD talks about how much He loves Israel and wants to care for them like sheep. Like dumb, silly, hungry, absent minded sheep. They’re so cute and clueless and easily excusable. But then Israel stops acting clueless and they’re no longer cute. Instead, they know which way to go and refuse to follow. They’re like a female cow that will not move. They are like a woman married to a man who provides for her, but insists on becoming a prostitute anyway.

It’s baffling, but also sadly relate-able.

We think we are sooooooo smart, like we’ve got it alllllll figured out and nothing can change our mind. We will not be silenced. We will forge our own path. We will enslave ourselves to the masters of our choosing?

This is what’s so strange. In most every act of rebellious independence, we enslave ourselves to something else. Like Ariel rebelling against King Triton by signing her life way to Ursula. Why does this strike us as a logical move? I don’t know. Our pride makes us pretty dumb, and I think its very important to remember that.

Oh so thankfully, the LORD is patient and smart. He will outlast our most obnoxious choices. Each day we must make the decision to submit to Him over ourselves and the evil overlords of our choosing. Is that something you’re willing to do today? What does that look like for you?


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