Jeremiah 49-50 B

“I will come like a lion from the thickets of the Jordan, leaping on the sheep in the pasture. I will chase Edom from its land, and I will appoint the leader of my choice. For who is like me, and who can challenge me? What ruler can oppose my will?” 49:19

These chapters highlight other nations’ misplaced trust in themselves. We’re reminded that God is sovereign over all the nations. Even when Israel’s enemies are given a temporary place of power over them, God is still in control.

He appoints the leader of his choice. That truth can be hard to accept, but who can challenge and oppose his will?

Bethany wrote an encouraging response to these chapters. I like how she pointed out that God takes care of our enemies, too.

Is that hard for you to accept? Take time to reflect on God’s sovereignty over the nations currently. How do these chapters encourage/discourage you?


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