Jeremiah 13-14 B

I like how Carly noticed, last time, that God wants to be as close to His people as their underwear.

“This is your lot, the portion measured to you From Me,” declares the LORD, “Because you have forgotten Me And trusted in falsehood. So I Myself have also stripped your skirts off over your face, That your shame may be seen.” (13:25-26‬)

We hide how deeply twisted we are. Individually, yes, but I want to focus on the corporate responsibility, as it applies to Israel.

They fancied themselves the most righteous of all nations because they were the LORD’s chosen, but they had become inwardly rotten. The LORD uses a great word picture:

I’m going to pull your shirt over your face.

What a clear way to embarrass someone. You think you’re so beautiful and flawless? You are shameful! And people are about to see it!

I’ve thought how this has applied to our current moment in history. My generation has become disenfranchised with conservative America, scratching their heads to ask, “Wait, has this always been about money? Have we always been this corrupt?” The skirt is up over the face.

This is a necessary realization to reach. Our various assertions of righteousness (apart from Christ) are ticking time bombs.

Have you experienced anything like this lately? Seen the seedy underbelly of something you thought was wholesome? It’s disappointing right? But it’s good for us to see how empty our idols are.


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