1 John 5-2 John 1 B

Carly’s post was great on 5:16.

A couple things popped out to me, reminding of my dear friend, the Old Testament.

First, “His commandments are not burdensome.” (5:3) I’ve really found this to be true. His commandments are liberating, actually. They aren’t unrealistic, unnecessary or unfounded. They are good and full of life.

Second, “little children, guard yourselves from idols.” (5:21) This temptation has not gone away. It is the downfall of every generation. Keeping the LORD in His most highest place is our best bet. Reminders are always welcome.

My only comment on 2 John will be that, I’ve heard some people speculate that Mary (Jesus’ mom) was the “chosen lady”. To that I will say, “she is the last person who needs to be told that Jesus was here in the flesh and not just a spirit.”

What stood out to you today?


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