Psalm 119: Kaph & Lamedh B

“Forever, O LORD, Your word stands firm in heaven. Your faithfulness throughout all generations; You established the earth, and it stands.” (89-90)

I love to be reminded of the unshakable and unbreakable things in life. They are few, and most of them are orbiting the LORD.

When my dad teaches Ephesians one, he often talks about the repeated phrase: in the heavenly places. All the things Paul says are true about our identities are in the heavenly places. My dad would assert that things which are true in the heavenly places are perfectly true, whether or not we can perceive them as true from our fallen perspectives here on earth.

Carly and I talk about the Word being our anchor on here a lot. I can get emotional, I can get riled up, or carried away with my thoughts, or in my circumstances, but the Word stands firm. I love that about the Word. Also, the only reason the earth is still in existence (especially with how long mankind’s had access to nuclear weapons) is because the LORD is the one who established it. He’s not done with it, til He’s done with it. It is standing on His preexisting terms.

He is faithful throughout all generations. We can look back and testify to that. We can also hold on to that as a promise, looking forward. No matter how freaked out older generations can be by younger generations, we can count on the LORD being faithful to them as well.

He is trustworthy, and He is true, even when everything else feels a lie.


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