Ecclesiastes 11-12 B

“The conclusion; when all has been heard is: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” (12:13‬)

I love direct advice like this, especially when it’s universally applicable. What can we learn from this sobering book about our impending death and the meaningless nature of our existence? It’s not about us, it’s about Him.

Fear can be closely related with awe and worthiness of attention. No one ignores the velociraptor in the kitchen.

I spent this last weekend intrigued by the celebrating of the patron saint holiday of my city in Italy. I’m a sucker for lights (favorite part of Christmas) and fireworks (favorite part of July 4th), so when it came times to see a massive, glowing tower get carried through town, I wasn’t going to miss it. The more I investigated this event, however, the more it sickened me. Slowly descending to the part where I found the aforementioned saint mummified in her church. People were worshipping her and her massive statue read, “Glory in the Heavens”. This quaint remembering of a devout, Catholic, virgin gal started to feel demonic and I felt nauseous as I followed the dark streets home.

An old man approached and handed me a Seventh Day Adventist track stating the Ten Commandments. There it was, “no other gods before Me” and “do not make an image” at the top of the list. Suddenly my context for idol worship was different and I saw how gross it all was.

God is impossible to miss. Although all creation was made to worship Him, demons and people have fallen to the glorifying of lessor things. Only the trees, mountains, rivers, animals, etc. are left to that endless praise. He will not be ignored.

Our whole job is to fear Him, glorify Him, obey Him, respond to Him. The all-powerful Creator God. The velociraptor in the kitchen.

Otherwise our lives are totally meaningless. Even if we get remembered enough to get a parade, we’re still just 800 year old mummies who don’t deserve it. So glad my hope isn’t in that rotted out gal (can you tell I’d really like to get that image out of my head?). So glad my whole job is to fear God and obey His commandments. He’s alive and worthy of it, after all.

I love you LORD!! You are worthy of my whole life, love, devotion and obedience!!

Speaking of getting off track, we start 1 Kings tomorrow. See you then!


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