2 Samuel 3-4 B

Woof. These are ugly chapters that highlight just how messy and sinful even great leaders can be.

This time around, I noticed Michal. She’s been jerked around by David a bit, become his wife, getting cast off to be someone else’s wife, and then pulled away again. I was so sad reading about her former husband chasing after her, weeping, as the king summoned his love away.

The author breezes over this detail, but I’m thankful it’s included in the narrative at all. It shows readers a couple things:

1. God took care of Michal. Her brothers and husband have been killed and David passed her off when he was in hiding. But she and Palti obviously created a beautiful relationship out of those circumstances. What a beautiful gift. I’m confident that God, the giver of the gift of love, comforted and cared for Palti and Michal in this circumstance. I’ve had my heart broken and broken a few myself, and I have seen God receive glory in the midst of it. I can read this story, feel sad that it happened, and be confident that God showed up. It’s not written in the story, but I know the author. He is a Good Father.

2. David is really selfish about women. We’ll see Michal resent him slowly in the next few chapters, and I can’t help but assume this is where it starts. This is the beginning of David taking who he wants, when he wants them.

What part of these chapters were hard for you? How did you respond to the text?


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