Welcome back! We took a couple weeks break to process what this project has meant to us, and pray about the next step.

We covered the ENTIRE BIBLE. It took two years, 600 posts and a lot of coffee. From Carly posting in her hospital bed after having a second child to Bethany posting in airport terminals and 5 different time zones, no one is as surprised as us that we made it to today. Take it from us: Being faithful in little things, over a lot of time, turns into big things. If you’re looking for company in your quiet times, it’s all here. (You can search any chapter at the click of the looking glass button). This book has changed our lives and now we’ve read it TOGETHER almost 3 times.

To celebrate the completion of the first read-through with our subscribers, we are giving away a fantastic gift. As you know, we love the Bible Project, and rely on their creativity and knowledge often. They recently released a coffee table book of all 66 illustrations! It’s AWESOME and we want one of you to have it. Here’s how to enter:

On this post, comment and answer at least one of the following questions:

  1. Which passage, theme or attribute of God was new/impactful to you? 
  2. Which concept, story, person or attribute of God are you still struggling with? 
  3. What changes have you (or others) noticed in yourself as a result of applying Scripture and meditating on it daily?

We look forward to your feedback! Giveaway will close Friday 4/27, and we’ll announce the winner on Saturday!

Not currently a subscriber? Sign up to receive our daily reading prompts and join us as we start alllll over again (Monday, April 30th), beginning with 1 Samuel.

Staying on for a second go? We’re switching it up a little, swapping days and chapters we each covered last time. The Word is living and active and we promise the Spirit of God is able to challenge you a second time around.

-Bethany & Carly

3 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. Thank you ladies for guiding us in this 2 year journey!
    I found growth in gaining fresh perspective on God’s unfailing love, woven through every chapter, New Testament and old. Honestly I still struggle with understanding and trusting God’s big picture plan for my life but spending time in the word every morning really helps, and seeing your insights and take aways is so great!
    As far as changes I’ve noticed the more I study God’s word the more I’m apt to actually apply what I’m reading. Namely the fruits of the spirit, I’m far from perfect but find myself growing in peacefulness, perseverance, joy, self control. It’s all the work of the holt spirit and a lot of prayer but saturating myself in God’s lessons really sticks and shapes who you become on a day to day level.
    Thank you for walking with us and encouraging daily reading! What a blessing you both are!

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  2. Really loved how God is the same in the entire book even though only certain characteristics are shown in each book. It’s hard to see the OT God cutting off Nations and killing entire civilizations, and then NT God sending his son and creativity bringing us back to himself through him. He is slow to anger, but when he gets mad, He’s awe-some.

    Still struggling with God’s timing. Trying to be faithful and trusting, but sometimes it’s so challenging to see that He know what he’s doing when it comes to the perfect timing.
    Reading scripture balances me. I get way to self centered and hyper focused on my own struggles when I’m not in the word. Daily reading seems to help me step back and enjoy the process of life. I he’ll like it energizes me to take on a new day knowing His love is limited and he believes that I’m worthy of His love.


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