Numbers 17-18

“But the LORD said to Moses, ‘Put back the rod of Aaron before the testimony to be kept as a sign against the rebels, that you may put an end to their grumblings against Me, so that they will not die.'” (17:10)

The LORD chooses leaders. Here, He makes it abundantly clear, His choice of Aaron among the others.

Yesterday, we read about the rebellion of Korah. They wanted someone else’s job and challenged Moses about it. Long story short, Moses didn’t have to speak for himself to defend his role.

God puts people in specific places. He makes us all different, gives us different gifts and roles and it’s up to Him. Just as Paul says in Romans 12.

We have seen Moses-like leaders in the church during our time. Like, perhaps, Billy Graham, Pope Francis, Loren Cunningham, etc. We should not all jockey for their positions, influence and authority. We can’t all be that guy. On smaller scales, we are not all the pastors of our churches. It’s easy to get position, roles, authority and gifting mixed up with value or equality. It is certainly not the same.

Oftentimes, as a pastor’s kid turned missionary, I feel the Levites pain. Chapter 18 defines the burden of the house of Levi:

“You and your sons and your father’s household with you shall bear the guilt in connection with the sanctuary, and you and your sons with you shall bear the guilt in connection with your priesthood.” (18:1)

Yikes. No thanks. If I was from the tribe of Asher, I think I’d be okie dokie with it. Then again, maybe I’d envy the Levitical living off the sacrifices of others, status, and proximity to the tabernacle.

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” and it’s about time we all owned our side of the fence. Our God-ordained side.


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