Joel 3-Amos 1

The last chapter of Joel, wraps up the LORD’s promised Day. Evil will be confronted and “a spring will go out from the house of the LORD to water the valley of Shittim.” (3:18) Jerusalem will, one day, be a place of life. Hard to imagine, even now, but the LORD assures us His promises are real.


Now diving in to Amos, here is the overview from The Bible Project.

Again, we see this looming reference to the Day of the LORD, like we saw in Joel. Locusts, fire, war and then a surprise ending where justice, righteous and life flow from the very site of all this violence. A rebuilding, redeeming and restoring will one day take place. In the meantime, let’s dive in to Amos 1.

Everyone will answer for the evil they’ve committed. The nations will answer for what they did with what they knew, and with the power given to them. We know, in the following chapters, Israel will be held accountable for even more, because they were entrusted with the knowledge of the One True God.

In this day and age, of a hugely populated, diverse and volatile world, with the kingdom of God stretching over every nation, the warning is still corporate and individual. Are we ready to be accountable to God for what we know? We may be comforted by the promise of evil being confronted in others, but what about the evil inside me? What am I doing with my knowledge of the One True God?

I know where I stand, in Christ, but I also take seriously the call on my life made clear by the ways the LORD has revealed Himself to me.

“Lord, forgive me for the ways I’ve let laziness or insecurity, prejudice or indifference get in the way of representing You to others. Thank you for your enduring faithfulness and ability to bring light and life out of destruction. Be glorified in me.”


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