Jeremiah 39-40

“The Chaldeans also burned with fire the kings palace and the houses of the people, and they broke down the walls of Jerusalem.” (39:8)

Exactly what Jeremiah said would happen, happened. The LORD had determined to burn down the city.

This struck me, in yesterday’s passage,

“Even if you had defeated the entire army of Chaldeans who were fighting against you, and there were only wounded men left among them, each man in his tent, they would rise up and burn this city with fire.” (37:10)

There’s no foiling the plans of the LORD, so the way I see it, we’ve got 3 options.

  1. Surrender to His will and obey, as if floating gently with Him downstream.
  2. Kick and scream the whole way, wearing ourselves out, maybe even to injury, and still ending up in the same place.
  3. Float fearfully, worrying you may slip down some side stream He doesn’t know about and get lost, but then still arrive at the same place.

I find myself doing #3 more than I care to admit.


“Now Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon gave orders about Jeremiah through Nebuzaradan the captain of the bodyguard, saying, ‘Take him and look after him, and do nothing harmful to him, but rather deal with him just as he tells you’.” (39:11)

This is a very sweet gift to Jeremiah from the LORD to have him finally treated well, by Judah’s “enemy”, no less. 40:2-4 is beautiful. God was speaking to the Babylonians as He spoke to Jeremiah. How refreshing!

Fear not! God is in control! What has He promised which you believe, reject or fear is untrue? Who are your enemies? Could God use those you fear to bless and care for you? How would you react to that?


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