Esther 3-4

What a cliff hanger! The Bible is filled with so many different styles of writing, Esther reads like an historical fiction love story. I love it! The Bible is so interesting and different; I could read it forever.

As Beth mentioned yesterday, God is not particularly mentioned in this book. Although today, the foreshadow of Jesus jumped off the page to me. Someone putting their life on the line to save a whole race of people? Seeing the bigger picture, valuing other’s life over their own? Esther makes a huge gospel-sized move here. And she makes it pretty quickly. I think the reason this story gets a fist pump from female readers is because the favored beauty queen is rarely the brave hero of the story. And really, God is the hero here. But it’s empowering to read that Esther’s life had purpose. Especially reading in the chapter before that her purpose was to smell good and wait around for an undetermined amount of time for the king to recall that he enjoyed sleeping with her.

She takes a stand. She doesn’t slink back into the comforts of her palace, but she makes a huge move, steps out into faith and risks her life. I love the pep talk she gets: “Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”

Is God tugging on you to take action on something? A hard conversation with a friend? A bold life change? Instead of coming up with a a list of excuses about why you’re probably not suppose to follow through on whatever it is, ask yourself “does God have me in this exact position for this exact reason?”

Take time today to have a conversation with God about what he might be asking you to do. He loves using the underdog. The unexpected hero. No one is disqualified from being part of His story. 





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