2 Chronicles 17-18

“Then Jehoshaphat added, “But first let’s find out what the Lord says.” 18:4

This story about Jehoshaphat got me thinking about what it looks like to consult the Lord. If you didn’t read today’s chapters, do so! They’re good. 

So in 2017, a time in history where Jesus has given us full access to his Holy Spirit, what does it look like to find out what the Lord says? Here are some methods I use: 

-Check the Bible. When I’m trying to make a decision about something, I try to think if there’s a clear, black-and-white verse about it. 

-Prayer. Simply bringing matters to God through prayer, journaling, speaking aloud to him in the car, etc, connects me to him and allows me to process what I’m going through. He often meets me in prayer and guides my heart. It’s always helpful, even the moments I don’t feel like I get an answer. 

-Consult a godly, reliable source. I love talking through things with my husband, or a reliable friend. I know they love me, but they love obeying God more and prioritize it when they give me advice. 

-Filter what they’re telling me through Scripture. Godly advice is great, especially out of the mouth of godly people, but I know I can always, always, always trust the Bible. As we read today, people’s intentions can sometimes cloud their advice. Sift everything, podcasts, sermons and any advice, through God’s word. 

Notice a theme? The Bible is the ultimate authority on what God expects from us. He has gifted us his Holy Spirit, who enables people to prophesize, can even appear to us in dreams and directs our hearts. 

Talk with him today! 

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