Psalm 119: Kaph & Lamedh

I liked how these two chapters read like a call and answer. 

It seems like Kaph is writing inside a dark season, waiting for the King of Light to arrive and rescue him. Lamedh reads like someone with perspective, looking in the rear view mirror at suffering. 

They both write the same truth: God’s word is trustworthy, offers protection and to be obeyed. 

Are you like Kaph? Straining your eyes to see God’s promises coming true? Asking him, ‘when will you comfort me? How long must I wait?’ 

Or maybe you find yourself more like Lamedh, your head more above water, but you can recount the recent storm waves. “If your instructions hadn’t sustained me with joy, I would have died in my misery.” 

Either way, whatever season you’re in, cling to God’s word. It offers the consistency we need and provides us with irrevocable joy while anchoring our souls in this unpredictable life. 

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