Exodus 7-8

Who did you find yourself relating to in this story? 

Moses, using grand gestures and performing great signs to bring God glory? Maybe you’re a preacher, or public speaker.  A writer. Or you just spend your days metaphorically waving your hands and proclaiming “Hey, listen to God! He’s getting serious!” Most days your messages fall on deaf ears and you report back to God defeated. Even if you don’t feel qualified, remember God has greatly equipped you. 

Or Aaron. God’s called you to come alongside someone in their calling and you find yourself worn down. Was this a good idea? You wonder. Maybe you’re following your spouse, partner or colleague in their work. You shoulder a lot of it, do the heavy lifting and feel run down. Remember who you’re really working for. Your work, however measureable, is not in vain! 

I find myself relating to Pharaoh. I cling to the supposed power or identity I have, stubborn to submit and surrender control to God. Pharaoh insists on proof. Do we ever fall for the world’s magic show? Generalized spirituality can mimic God’s capabilities, but nothing compares to his power. Reading the Bible helps me memorize the sound of his voice and discern trickery. Miracles are affirming, but don’t stack your hope ontop of them and expect them to entirely hold up your faith. 

Some people (like Disney) speculate that the Pharaoh at the time could’ve been Moses’ brother, or at least the boy he grew up with when he inherited royalty status as a baby. I imagine that scenario would drain even more pride from Pharaoh’s hardened heart.

Whoever you identified with today, take a moment and repent to God. Handing over control and fully trusting God’s authority is almost a daily task! He is the best Helper (John 14:26) and loves us so much; we can trust him. 

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