Joshua 9-10

This is what is beautiful about the Bible: it is still relevant and applicable! It’s not a dusty history book. It’s alive. It moves, breathes and speaks to us. Do you agree with that? 

Among verses of impaled enemies and slaughtered cities, sits pieces of stories that speak to me today. In my day of nannying, cleaning up my house and preparing a simple dinner. That’s amazing. 

So the sun stood still and the moon stayed in place until the nation of Israel had defeated its enemies.” 10:13

Our country is getting a new President today. I feel overwhelmed, in general, about America’s future. I don’t think our leaders consult with God before making choices. And today, reading about what happened when the Israelites relied on their own leadership strength (9:14), I fear what’s in store for us. I wonder if God’s anger towards our country is a slow-burning wick; our nations choices will catch up with us. 

Then comes along this beautiful verse about God holding the sun in place and holding off the moon. Sentences before, God took down Israel’s enemies with gigantic pieces of hail. 

Weather. Sunsets. Moon rises. These are a few things we can absolutely not control. They feel inevitable, set in stone. Yet God calms the storms, parts the sea and holds the sun when we ask

Is there something you wish he would do that seems impossible? 

I can’t control our nation’s future. But I can pray, ask and rely on God’s faithfulness and expect him to be just. 

What battles are you fighting? Are you consulting with God before you make decisions? 

If you think I’m sweeping over all the intense violence we read today: I am. I see it. I wince at it. I wonder about it. But I’m making a choice to lean not on my own understanding. God would rather we draw near to him in moments of doubt or confusion, and not cower away. If something about what you read today bothered you, bring it to him. Knead the verses in your hand and look for God’s grace. It’s always there. 

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