Joshua 7-8

How many times have we mistaken the consequences of our disobedience as abandonment from God? Joshua immediately went to the dark place along with everyone in Israel! “Oh no! We’re done fore!”

“The LORD said to Joshua, “Stand up! What are you doing down on your face?”

God is not full of tricks, waiting for us to fail. Like I’ve repeatedly said, this was a very sensitive mission and there was no room for improvising. The LORD didn’t leave Joshua on his face for long. He got him up, showed him where change was necessary and got him back to work.

Too often we let our failures sideline us, as our ego demands a time out to mourn its bruises. God only needs the amount of time it takes to get back on our feet. 

I’ve totally been in a place where I felt I’d put all my trust in God and He let me down. I dispaired, I cried, I “how dare you”ed. He always graciously gets me back up and grants me a little perspective. We need His perspective to not make more or less of our sin. He is faithful to show us the truth of the matter.

Is there something you’ve let sideline you? Bring it to the LORD and allow Him to shed His truth light on it, so you can get back in the game. 


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