Deuteronomy 25-26

I love that there is a speech attached to tithes and first fruits; a recounting of personal history in correlation with the faithfulness of God. I love that tithes go straight to orphans, widows and foreigners. I love reminders that every good gift is from God.

“And the LORD has declared this day that you are His people, His treasured possession as He promised, and that you are to keep all His commands.” (26:18‬)

Everything is relationally driven. The whole “line of the Unsandeled” thing seems strange to us, but having children and continuing the line was everything to Israel. This was the promise of God to Abraham, and who is this guy to try and exclude someone from that promise? Children, offspring, heirs, lines… the sign of the promise was circumcision, for crying out loud.

Western culture has made marriage all about ourselves. Narcissistic is a word that’s resurfaced in recent years, and cited in many divorce cases (along with Facebook, God help us). Marriage rights for homosexuals, aside, we went wrong with marriage a long time ago. God honoring marriages are good for everyone. Whole communities benefit from in-tact families with stable environments for kids. 

So, hey, if God thought it was best to take a shoe from the man who didn’t want to be a part of the family, He was probably right. 

Paul, in 1 Peter 2:9, restates that we are God’s treasured possession. I like being called that. It’s the best title any of us could hope for. What will be our response? 


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