John 13-14

A couple things jumped out to me this morning:

Jesus’ posture in the midst of anguish. He knows what’s about to happen, and yet he spends the evening at a dinner party with his dearest friends. He serves them, teaches them and spends time with them. What a beautiful example of how we’re suppose to approach fearfulness. In a few chapters, we’ll read that he goes somewhere quiet to pray and petition his fears to God. He doesn’t let the crushing fear of suffering and death control him. 

We are given over to our sinful desires. Judas had already made it up in his mind what he was going to do. Jesus, completely aware of our hearts, knows this, and allows it.

I love what my Bible commentary says about Judas being involved in Satan’s plan:

“Satan assumed that Jesus’ death would end his mission and thwart God’s plan. Satan did not know that Jesus’ death was the most important part of God’s plan all along.”

Are you facing something hard in your life right now? How’s your heart? We can come to him with anything, because he is a God who is with us and faced our all our ultimate fears himself. Rejection. Pain. Suffering. Death.

“I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give you isn’t like the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” 14:27



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