John 9-10

Weren’t these chapters amazing? I could read the paragraph about The Good Shepherd over and over again. 

“I don’t know…but I know this: I was blind but now I can see!” 10:25

This pretty much sums up my apologetics. I can relate to having doubt, I’m not a scholar and I don’t have fancy rebuttals. I just know what my life was like without Jesus and what it’s like now. This is a good place to park in conversation with people. We don’t need to argue, attack or fixate on the details of religion. 

I noticed myself relating to the people reaching for stones to take down Jesus. They don’t believe what he is saying and their passionate to defend their religion. Sometimes I get so caught up in the system that I miss what God is really telling me. God is in places we don’t expect, and he never tells us to defend him, but instead wait for him to defend us. Is he showing up somewhere in your life unexpectedly? How are you responding? 

Let’s familiarize ourselves with his voice so we don’t miss what he’s telling us. 

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