John 7-8

Sometimes, we can get so carried away with crazy ideas and deceptions, we wouldn’t recognize the truth if it slapped us the face. 

The Jews are trying to debate Jesus with their “know how”, but then claim things like, “We’re the decentant of Abraham! We’ve never been a slave to anyone!” Okay really?! What about those 400 years in Egypt or the slavery cycles in the book of Judges? Y’all have had the lions share of oppression, and now you’re claiming never being enslaved by anyone??

We’ve all got what people love to call “blind spots”. Those planks in our own eye. The easiest person to deceive is always your own self. It makes sense that Paul warns of people constantly sliding toward theologies that “tickle their ears”.

The story at the beginning of chapter eight is a big example of this skewed understanding: They bring a woman caught in a adultery to Jesus to see if He knows the right Moses-answer about how to punish her (which involves also punishing the man BTW. Another convient thing to forget). He stoops down, writes something in the sand, than says, “whoever is without sin, cast the first stone.” This turns everyone away and in that moment, He silently declares, “you don’t know God at all.”

Understanding the gospel is a Spiritual gift the Father reveals to us. Like scales falling from our eyes, He makes us to see and allows us to drink deeply of living water. He is the source of Life and Truth. 

This is why it’s so important to read the word everyday. It’s way too easy to forget which way is Up. We must to connected to the source and drink up truth as often as we can. Otherwise we flounder in lies from the enemy, ourselves and each other. We can fall so far down the rabbit hole, we forget we’re slaves, unable to recognize freedom. 

Pray for understanding. Pray for wisdom and the Truth to sink to the depths of your soul. Ask God about your blind spots. Thank Jesus for coming to earth to understand our pain. Wasn’t that so cool of Him?


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