John 5-6

Huge, iconic miracles in Jesus’ ministry take place in these very full chapters.

This morning I was drawn to the story about the man Jesus healed after 38 years.  Jesus heals him physically, and then later finds him and calls him to repentance of his sins so that he may truly be saved. 

I don’t know what healing pools are and I’m not paralyzed, but this story is more relatable than I thought. God cares deeply about our physical needs and often uses them as ways to reach us or reveal himself. Is there something in your life God has healed you from, or something you wish he would heal you from? Have you prioritized this over true healing from your sins?

I have anxiety. I wear it like an every day jacket and fixate most of my spiritual life on being freed from it. I constantly wonder why God won’t magically dissolve it so that I can think and work towards other things. I’m realizing more and more that if he did that, a really beautiful piece of our relationship would be gone. And if one day I woke up without chronic back pain, panic attacks or the threat of a migraine, it wouldn’t mean I would stop sinning. Only through the gospel will we experience true freedom. 

What story from these chapters jumped out to you today? What did you learn about Jesus? The gospel? 

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