Genesis 41-42

This is a great story. Joseph is someone we all want to root for. Injustice after injustice and he endures, even thrives! God is with him and fights for him. 

The moment in the story that gets me every time is 42:21-24 when his brothers are saying amongst each other, “we are being repaid for being so merciless with Joseph. We saw how distressed he was when he pleaded for his life and now this distress is upon us.” Joseph excused himself to cry. What a powerful moment! He has been vindicated!! He remembers his dream from childhood and knows God has been with him all along.

A conversation we have over and over with our frustrated friends in the camp is to not give up and lose patience. God will fight their battles. Don’t join a riot, be graceful! This is hard to ask, seeing the weariness in their eyes. They’ve waited so long for an advocate, isn’t it time to take?

He will fight, we must only he still. Where can you see God’s presence and nearness? Where do you find Him fighting for you? Where has He brought you favor and success? Thank Him for these things and ask Him for more faith to trust.


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