Genesis 15-16

“And Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord declared him righteous because of his faith.” 15:6

This is what God asks of us: to believe what he says. God promised Abram that he would have too many descendants to count. This man is old in age, without any children. He has no Bible to read, no stories to reference of God fulfilling his promises. This is faith. Believing and trusting when the proof isn’t there.

Later in the chapter we see how it plays out when there’s a lack of faith, and Abram’s wife takes matters in to her own hands. Discontentment takes root, bitterness spreads and relationships are severed.

Think of a time in your life you tried to interfere with God’s plan. What happened?

Unfortunately, God doesn’t always take us for an evening stroll and lay out the specifics of our future like he did with Abram. But we do have the Bible. Pages of his promises to trust him, that he has a plan for our life, that he ties all things together for good and that he is with us. 

My sister started a non-profit about thirteen years ago. She wanted to help the children she knew in the slums of Kenya get out of poverty. For the first few years of fundraising, some people tried to talk her out of it. There were plenty of other organizations she could partner up with, and then she could get started right away. But she waited. She felt that God had placed this on her plate and would bring it to completion, in his own timing. Ten years later, because of God’s grace and a beautiful community of supporters, the first orphaned child was brought into the house, built on the land the organization purchased in full. Now ten formally-orphaned kids live there and they are wrapping up construction on a second home on the land. This story isn’t just a testimony of patience, stead-fastness and faith. It’s also a beautiful illustration of how God writes our stories. The kids that live in the home right now weren’t even born when she started all this. Yet God was already orchestrating a plan to rescue them. He knew exactly when the doors of Visible Grace would open and what children would be sleeping in those beds, before they even existed.

No matter what you’re waiting for, whether it’s a job, an answer, a relationship or a cure, be faithful. God’s timing is perfect, beautiful and set before us long ago.







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