Genesis 13-14

God was with Abram. This war is a lot of names and places to sort through. Allow me to summarize:

5 Kings lived in this lush valley, but always had to pay taxes to a Mesopotamian king, Chedorlaomer, so they rebelled. King Chedorlaomer brought 3 kings with him from his northern region and put the 5 Kings in their place, looting, grabbing people, chasing the warriors into tar pits. The 4 Kings won against the 5. The situation seemed hopeless and maybe no one would have cared, if it weren’t for the fact they had carried off Abram’s nephew, Lot.

Abram hears Lot has been captured and rallies 318 of his own guys to go get him. This fierce coalition of 4 kings that just defeated 5, could not withstand Abram and his 318 guys. He defeats them, takes all their loot and heads home. The Kings of the valley are stoked and want him to keep the loot, but he’s like, “No, God makes me rich, not you. Keep it.” And he tithes to Melchizedek, High Priest of God Most High. 

God had just promised the give the land to Abram for the rest of time (13:15). He operated out of a trusting security. “God makes me rich, not you.”

The sense of security is always proportional to trust. Abram knew very little about this God who had recently come along and promised him things. He had made mistakes concerning his wife, and would again, but when it came to possessions, he felt secure. 

What areas of your life are marked by trust and security? Thank God for those things! What areas are defined by anxiety and insecurity? Bring them before the Lord and ask Him what it would mean to surrender.


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