Genesis 9-10

“For in the image of God has God made mankind.” (9:6)

This is the foundational reason we are commanded to treat each other well. What a revolutionary idea. Our value is assigned by God, and He is the one we are accountable to.

After the flood, Noah gets real drunk and passes out. His son, Ham, finds him and exploits his humiliation. Some have speculated that because of the wording, and because Noah woke up knowing something had been “done to him”, that maybe this wasn’t just a peek and a snicker. Either way, Ham attempted to rope his brothers into this exploitation, but they refused, instead choosing to cover their father’s shame.

We have opportunities every day to honor each other by overlooking offenses, not keeping records of wrong, and certainly not dragging other people into the exploitation of another. It’s way too easy to spread someone’s humiliating story to friends, but we shouldn’t!

Right now it feels the whole election has pulled our skirt over our head, as a nation. Now we must decide whether we will forgive each other or make a mockery of each other.

Chapter 10 is an explanation of the expansion of people post-flood. Modern genetic science has discovered every person on earth’s basic DNA can be traced back to 3 sources. 4300+ years later, we’re still a giant dysfunctional family, and still bearers of the image of God. 

Every single existing feud in the world is a result of unforgiveness and the devaluing of a fellow image bearer. Let’s be Shems and Japheths, but let’s reject the curse on Ham and forgive.

Who has God laid on your heart to forgive today?


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