Genesis 7-8

“As the water rose higher and higher above the ground, the boat floated safely on the surface.” 7:18 

I noticed yesterday in chapter 6 that in the description God gives of the ark, there isn’t a steering wheel mentioned. Noah loaded his family on a boat with no idea what direction it was going.  

At seven months pregnant with my son, I climbed into a Uhaul with Matt, moving out of state with no jobs lined up in the place we were about to call home. That felt like boarding a ship with no steering wheel. But of course, God was remarkably faithful to us and we floated safely on the surface of the deep waters of uncertainty. 

Sometimes I read Noah’s story and I’m discouraged at my lack of faith. But I love that his age is specifically mentioned. “Noah was 600 years old when the flood covered the earth.”  600 years old! This reassures me that the longer you know and follow God, the easier it is to trust him. “God’s asking me to build a gigantic ship with no helm, in a place it never rains? Okay, I’m in.” If you’re a new believer, take heart. God is a perfect leader, gracious to our fears and generous in extending peace. If you’ve been following God a long time, take heart. Look back on your time together with him and acknowledge his faithfulness. 

People all over the world feel like the waters are rising all around them, and they need an invitation on the boat. (Excuse the nautical theme, but at least I spared you sea shanty lyrics.) 

Take time today and think about a time God was faithful to you in a scary, unknown time. Is there someone who needs to hear that story too? 

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