2 Timothy 3-4

These chapters are very powerful, being Paul’s last recorded exhortations. What does he plead with Timothy to do?

  • Avoid the men described in 3:2-5
  • Expect persecution 
  • Cling to the word
  • Preach the word
  • Stay focused 
  • Endure hard things
  • Evangelize
  • Fulfill your ministry
  • Hold on to hope

He is tired. You can hear it in his writing. He’s been beaten, abused and drained, but his soul still sings of the glorious appearing of our Lord, his rock and rescuer. 

We also serve this glorious Jesus, who is worth everything. People who undergo persecution get it in a way we don’t, even still, in the U.S. Don’t lose sight of what’s real: the spiritual battle raging around us and the Victory of Jesus.

How is it that Shia Muslims in Persia can get along with Athiests in Russia and have no beef with Jehovah’s witnesses, but RAGE against the people of Christ Jesus? They imprison and abuse them, outlawing their message in their countries, but still they multiply. There is POWER in the Name of Jesus! Pray for the church of Persia. It is the fastest growing in the world right now. They read these chapters, too, and receive the same instructions from Paul: endure hardship, preach the word, etc. Let them inspire you today!

What is your ministry? Timothy knew what his was (pastoring the church in Ephesus), Paul knew what his was (bringing the gospel to Gentiles), what’s yours? Ask the Lord. 

Be strengthened by His love and boldly love!


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