2 Kings 25

I read through this last chapter in my chronological Bible and I loved the commentary on it, so I’m sharing it with you:

“The book of 2 Kings opens with Elijah being carried to heaven-the destination awaiting those who follow God. But the book ends with the people of Judah being carried off to foreign lands as humiliated slaves-the result of failing to follow God. The book of 2 Kings is an illustration of what happens when we make anything more important than God, when we make ruinous alliances, when our consciences become desensitized to right and wrong, and when we are no longer able to discern God’s purpose for our lives. We may fail, like the people of Judah and Israel, but God’s promises do not. He is always available to help us straighten out our lives and start over. And that is just what would happen in the book of Ezra. When the people acknowledged their sins, God was ready and willing to help return to their land and start again.” (NLT Chronological Life Application Bible, pg 1134)

Those words are beautiful and wrap up this book better than I feel able to.

I love reflection. As soon as we get into the car after something social, I’m already 340 words into verbally processing the evening before my poor husband has his seatbelt buckled.

Here are a few questions I’m asking myself as I reflect on this book:

  1. How is my relationship with God similar to Israel’s?
  2. What specifically am I making more important than God?
  3. This book had a lot to say about leaders. How will it impact my heart and actions as I approach the upcoming presidential elections next month?

Up next, we will being reading through the small epistles (Paul’s letters to the church), starting with Galatians. After that, we’re diving in to Genesis! Back to the beginning.






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