2 Kings 11-12

“Joash did what was right in the eyes of the LORD all his days, because Jehoiada the priest instructed him” (12:2)

He reigned 40 years, starting at age 7. If I were to have guessed the outcome of this story, I would have expected Joash to grow up and shove Jehoiada aside, in a “I don’t need you anymore” dramatic way. It shows a great amount of humility that Joash kept his mentor close throughout his lifetime. 

A good mentor is invaluable. In this case, Joash had a mentor who went against all the social norms and brought Israel back to some level of worship to the LORD.

It is really easy to get buried under social pressures and cultural norms. In our post modern we-all-get-to-decide-our-own-reality age, having someone in your life who anchors you to truth and points you to the LORD is vital. Being a strong Christian alone is boarderline impossible and not what God designed for us. 

Who are your mentors? Who sees you, the LORD and your circumstances all in one frame? Who do you go to for advice? 

Our generation has a tendency to pool our ignorance and advice each other in circles. If you’ll remember, that was a move Rehoboam should have avoided (1 Kings 12:8). It’s good to have sharpening friendship of your own age, but I would challenge us all to find older mentors who can attest to many years of God’s faithfulness.

Also, as you grow, look for younger people you can begin to mentor as well! We need each other! 


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