2 Kings 7-8

Everything can change in an instant. One minute you’re starving and broke from trying to afford food, the next minute you have too much! No matter our circumstances, God can powerfully turn any situation around. No matter how impossible it seems. 

Today I was sitting in a coffee shop, here in Eurasia, talking to my server. He is a bright young man, who has thankfully fled Aleppo successfully due to his family history in this nation. In two months he will be processed to move to Toronto. I congratulated him, and he asked what I did for work. I told him about my visit and plans to move to Greece this year to work in a refugee camp. His eyes widened and he slowly reached out to shake my hand. “Thank you so much!” He said and quickly agreed to teach me as much Arabic as he could before I leave the city. 

Do you know that God could say through a prophet, “tomorrow children will plant a garden in Aleppo in peace” and it could happen? Do I remember to pray for that? No, I slip into damage control. But we don’t want to be the guy leaning on the threshold saying “not gonna happen!!”

Let’s remember to pray for Syria today! God is on the move!


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