Ecclesiastes 3-4

Solomon’s seen it all. Great parties, great sorrow. His conclusion?  That the dead are better off than the living. We strive for success and meaning in the world, only to face a dead end at the finish line of the rat race. I like the way this book makes me feel. Uncovered. A little tired. Like I want to toss up my hands and roll my eyes. These chapters expose something mankind doesn’t really want to admit: all the things we’re working for are meaningless, at the end of the day. Doesn’t exactly spring you up from bed in the morning, right?

I often tell my husband I’m feeling Ecclesiastesy. Like I do the same thing every day. I wash the same dishes. I fold the same clothes. I run the same errands. I confess the same sins. This life is a rat race, a pointless pursuit. But we have something beautiful at the end of the finish line. We have the hope of Jesus, we have faith in his sovereignty, we have his Holy Spirit and a beautiful ending. But what about the people who don’t? That’s what I love about this book. It’s what springs me out of bed in the morning. This book, these chapters in particular, are a harsh reminder that we’re all waking up in a broken world where history repeats itself, there’s corruption in the safest places and every day brings us one day closer to being lowered into the dirt. We’re all facing that. But we have Good News!

Who in your life needs to hear about the Good News that makes life meaningful? If this book makes your heart weigh heavy, consider the weight people are carrying without the hope of the gospel.

We will be flying through this book pretty quickly over the next few days. If you are interested in a deeper study, I highly recommend listening to Matt Chandler’s sermon series of Ecclesiastes. He does a great job unpacking each chapter in an applicable and studious way. You can find them here.




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