Romans 12

This is one of my favorite chapters of the New Testament. If there’s ever any confusion of what’s expected of Christian behavior, here it is. Spelled out for us in very specific ways. There are so many great take-aways from this chapter, but here’s what jumped out to me today:

I love Paul’s urge to use your gifting. Lately I’ve been catching myself looking sideways too much. “ Why am I not good at that? She’s a lot more organized than I am. I don’t think I’ve ever contributed to anything ever. Does decorating contribute to society or no?” It’s a slippery slope, my mind. No where in the Bible does it say we are all alike and need to execute life the exact same way. No where. But instead, says we’re all wired differently and excel at different things. My insatiable appetite to meet new people might be your worst nightmare. I hate planning, you might love it.

Comparing ourselves to what other people are good at gets us no where. Not only does this cultivate discontentment and plant seeds of jealousy, but it also probably means we’re not living out the specific ways we are gifted in. If you aren’t sure what your gift is, ask people who love you, they know! If you notice someone with a remarkable aptitude for something, tell them. It’s so propelling when someone confirms what you may be doubting in yourself.

I also love the verse that reads “always be eager to practice hospitality”. It’s not one of the spiritual gifts listed; Paul is commanding everyone to do this . I spent most of my adult Christian life thinking hospitality meant having acquaintances in your same social class over for a planned, two hour dinner. It does not. The hospitality Jesus tells us about is a presence. It’s sharing when you don’t have enough, it’s having plans interrupted by unexpected guests and taking it in stride. It’s being intentional in conversation instead of talking about yourself. It’s generosity of all resources, specifically time.

What verses jumped out to you today?



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