Romans 11

This chapter is so full of wonderful amazement, Paul breaks out in praise at the end. 

The plan from the beginning was to bless every nation of the world through the family of God’s friend, Abraham. “Now if their transgression is riches for the world and their failure is riches for the Gentiles, how much more will their fulfillment be!”

God is KING of bringing the most breathtaking beauty out from our tragic ashes. Just imagine what He can accomplish through our obedience!

Gods plan for Israel is astounding. His promise to Abraham has been going strong for 4000+ years and the best is still yet to come. That’s what happens when you receive the promises of God. They outlive you!

What promises of God do you daily need to remember to claim? For me it’s remembering He’s WITH me all the time. Excellent news for an extreme extrovert. He’s there to guide, protect, provide, convict, comfort, redirect, encourage, excite and employ me!

Along with this, is the promise that I don’t ever need to be afraid, or make fear-based decisions. THINK ABOUT IT! How many daily decisions are made out of fear? Fear of discomfort, rejection, injury, loss or disapproval. A heckofa lot!

The third main promise I try to daily walk in, is that His commands are good, brilliant and trustworthy, even if they seem foolish to me at the time. He’s smarter than me. How ’bout that!

God is not done with Israel and He sure is not done with us. Let’s challenge ourselves to find out just how much God can accomplish through our obedience. 


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