Acts 9-10

These chapters are long so I will briefly comment on my favorite parts.

When Jesus confronts Saul He says, “why are you persecuting ME?” We are in Christ, He has bought us, He loves us, when people tangle with us, they tangle with HIM! As a protective person, I deeply enjoy this.

Ananias had plenty to be afraid of, concerning the call to go to Paul, but the Lord was clear and he obeyed. Not long ago we heard reports that a leader of ISIS had become a believer and had started to preach. It so reminded me of this story, thinking of the Christians who probably needed some divine nudging to welcome him in to the family. No one is too lost for God! Pray for your enemies!

The first Gentile to receive the Holy Spirit was Italian. If I could trace my lineage to this man, I would be beyond stoked. But that’s just it, the family of God is no longer bound by bloodlines! We are an every tribe, tongue and nation family! It’s glorious. 

What was your favorite part?


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