Isaiah 63-64

No matter the circumstances, now is always the time to remember the love and mercy of God. Whenever Israel lost hope, they drudged up what they had heard about the Exodus. 

This is what Our God is like: Afflicted in our affliction, a perfect savior that picks up and carries. Who delivers justice even when no one else cares. He gently guides, He grants rest, He rescues, He keeps His promises, He remains a Father to the fatherless.

So, when justice feels far off, when we feel alone, when evil appears to prevail, we can cry out, “Oh, that You would rend the heavens and come down!” And we can know He is a doer of the awesome and unexpected (64:3)

Yesterday I was having a moment at work. I got frustrated and dramatically tired about something and needed to go sweep the dining hall. It was a good 20 minutes spent, fuming at first then remembering the steadfast love of God, His perfect care of me, how He’s never let me fall all the way down, given me my dream job, saved me from all kinds of adversity and allows me to work with some of my closest friends. He isn’t afraid to stop me in my tracks, grab me by the shoulders and say “Hey! Look at me!” Now I’m not sure what I was so miffed about.

He knows you. It’s easy to get wound up, but He is always ready and available. Sometimes He’s out there, working alone, because we get all rebellious and self-involved, but we are never left alone. He’s always right there. Don’t forget to reach out and touch Him.

“He is not far from each one of us.” Acts 17:27


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