Isaiah 43-44

I really want to hear your thoughts on these chapters because they are truly astounding and I think we could all say something about them.

  1. God’s deep incredible love is the source, fuel, motivation, inspiration for everything. He is love and thereby approaches His people, wooing them by His love. Your Creator says, 43:1-7
  2. God’s perfered method of reaching the world is the glowing report of a bride gushing about her Husband. How can they know there is no other Salvation unless His people sing of His glorious Salvation? 43:8-13
  3. He knows the faults of His people, but He wipes them out for the sake of His reputation. 43:25
  4. He’s not giving up, He will continue to pursue every generation. 44:3
  5. Idolatry is what slows down the salvation of the world, which is infuriating, because idolatry is about the dumbest thing in history. 44:9-20
  6. But even if we are idolatrous, we are not lost causes. Do not get stuck in your shame!! Your Husband is calling, “Return to Me, for I have redeemed you!” 44:22
  7. He is the One who does it. 44:24. Let us respond to the gracious, powerful, beautiful, redeeming, unrelenting love of the LORD!

Praise Him today!! And sing His praises to someone who doesn’t know Him!


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