Isaiah 37-38

This morning my friend Tiffany Jensen will be guest blogging. I love the way she consumes God and processes the gospel and we think you will too:

In chapters 37 and 38, King Hezekiah has his city and his own life threatened, on separate occasions. His response is the same in both scenarios; he goes straight to God. I love how in 37:14 Hezekiah takes a threatening letter up to the temple and spreads it out before God; as if God is going to sit there and read it with him. He knows that God cares deeply about his life and the life of his people. When Hezekiah get sick and is told he will not recover in chapter 38, he simply reminds God that he has been faithful and has always done what is good. He doesn’t beg God to heal him or get angry that he is going to die. Graciously, God sees Hezekiah’s sadness and extends his life 15 years!

How often do we find ourselves facing something difficult in life and try to walk through it on our own? And then later, when we fail or find it too much to bear on our own, we bring it to Jesus. Is now that time for you? Is there something you need to bring to Jesus? Maybe Isaiah 38:17a speaks to the season you are in. “Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish.” And if this is where you are, bask in His goodness! Personally, I simultaneously smile and cringe at these words of Hezekiah. I smile because I know that I’ve walked through hard times and come out at the end with a very real understanding of God’s love and provision in my life. But I cringe because the journey is hard and when you are in the middle of those dark times it is difficult to see that there is new life and light coming.

Take time today to write down which part of the journey you find yourself in. After you have written it down, spread it out before God. Either sit and take in His goodness for delivering you; or sit with Him, weep bitterly, and await faithfully His deliverance. New life and light is coming!

Love this perspective. Thanks for sharing, Tiffany!


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