Isaiah 33-34

Time is out for the Assyrians. God used their defiance and rebellion for his ultimate plan (he’s quite resourceful), and now he is standing up to show his power & might and rescue his people. 

This stuck out to me: 

“Those who are honest and fair, who refuse to profit by fraud, who stay far away from bribes, who refuse to listen to those who plot murder, who shut their eyes to all enticement to do wrong-those are the ones who will dwell on high. The rocks of the mountain will be their fortress. Food will be supplied to them, and they will have water in abundance.” 33:-5-16

When it seems like evil is succeeding, the plans of the wicked are advancing and you can’t catch a break, read this and take heart. 

A few verses later, Isaiah promises that this terror-filled time will soon be in the rear view mirror and they’ll mocking their enemies. There’s something strength-building and character-forming about looking back on hardship and being pleased with how you handled it. That you didn’t join in on your coworkers schemes at work. Or that you didn’t give in to your peers and stood apart from them. That you chose integrity instead of shady shortcuts. 

I’m at the beach this weekend, typing this as I watch the waves from a recliner behind a window. The waves crash relentlessly on the shore and I think of the rocks: a stable fortress that don’t  wash away like the sand around it. It’s making all those biblical analogies of God being our rock come alive.

David says “the Lord is my rock, my fortress and my savior, my God is my rock  in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety”. (2 Samuel 22:3) 

The psalmist tells us “he is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me”. (Psalm 62:7-8) 

Take a minute and think about what you’re facing in your life right now. Financial strain, social pressures, relationships with the ungodly, etc. How are you going to look back on how responded to it? Do you find yourself standing on sand, or rock? 

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