Isaiah 7-8

“And you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it. It is the LORD of hosts whom you should reguard as holy. And He shall be your fear. And He shall be your dread.” (8:12-13)
Times are lookin’ real tough. Two massive kingdoms are at Judah’s doorstep ready to attack, but God says, “Take care and be calm, have no fear and no not be faint hearted.” (7:4)

The whole next section predicts the fall of both these kingdoms, soon! God is still in control. He has the final say about everything.

Right about now, I’m feeling real bad for Turkey. They’ve been at the center, of every empire in history, starting with the Hittites. They don’t get a break. Ever. Just this week there have been 2 major bombings in Istanbul! We think life is unsettling here, think about our brothers and sisters in Turkey! They are the land of all those first churches Paul was writing to. We are constantly benefiting from the believers who lived in Turkey.

God says to them, the same thing He says to us: “Don’t be afraid. I love you. I am in control. I am the only One to fear. The death ‘they’ wage against you has already been defeated by Me.”

When life overwhelms, search out the promises of God. Remember He who loves us and is the only One to fear.

Also, today, be sure to pray for Turkey.


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