Matthew 19-20

We are in the thick of Jesus demonstrating how upside down His kingdom is:

Monogamy, the value of children in spiritual arenas, heaven not reserved for the rich, generosity toward the undeserving, the greatest being servants…

These are all revolutionary ideas, albeit, unpopular.

I think this is why it’s so important to saturate ourselves in God’s Word. The answer is rarely our impulse. Truth is nearly drowned out in society and everyone’s got their own opinions.

If Jesus is Lord of my life, I submit to His will and designs, right? My heroes become the people described in 19:29 who have abandoned everything for the Name of Jesus. 

And why not!? This is The LORD we’re talking about! He welcomes children onto His lap! He’s not like detestable Molek who requires his followers to throw their babies on the furnace of his belly. 

Jesus is SO GOOD!! His designs are GOOD. We do well to study and apply them. No matter how upside down they feel.

Which of these feel contrary to you?


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