Matthew 17-18

I like this weird side story in chapter 17 about Peter fetching a coin out of a fish’s mouth to pay tax. Jesus was providing what they needed, but put them to work a little. He didn’t just pull a coin out from behind someone’s ear. Peter still had to get out in a boat, prep his hook and line and then wait to catch the fish.

I think you get where I’m going. God is the provider of our resources, but he includes us in the process. Sometimes we have to put in a little work and wait. (Sometimes the process is unconventional or weird and you wonder if God knows what he’s doing.)

Do you want a new job? Start job hunting. Do you want to be in a relationship? Put yourself in a position where you can meet (good) people. Do you want to be in community? Invite your neighbors over for dinner. I’m not implying that God is a vending machine and you’ll always get what you want, nor am I implying that you need to fend for yourself out there. I think it’s somewhere in the middle. Bring your desires and needs to the Lord first and foremost, but also remember that God is a big advocate for work. He puts Adam to work immediately after creating him. My lazy self does not particularly enjoy this about God’s design, but it’s there! He includes us in the process because there’s something beautiful about it. The process is important. It’s where God reveals things about himself and about us.

What are you asking God for? What’s your part? What does your heart look like while you wait?



One thought on “Matthew 17-18

  1. I like your perspective on this. I was a bit confused by the coin in the mouth story but what great insight! God loves to involve us because it brings us closer to Him and realizing his purpose for us.


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