Matthew 15-16

We’ve made it halfway through the book and now it’s time for part 2 of The Bible Project’s Matthew:

I’m going to start off by saying, Thank God for the Holy Spirit, or the church would have never gotten off the ground. It’s a real struggle watching the disciples try to understand what Jesus is talking about. “Do we have to wash our hands before we eat this bread? Where are we going to find enough bread for all these people? Is he mad we forgot the bread?” These are pretty simple guys, painfully literal, uneducated and trying to wrap their minds around a new kingdom, but totally getting caught up on bread.

We, too, are completely lost without the gift of the Holy Spirit helping us understand. As Paul says later in his letters: now we have the mind of Christ. What a crazy switch! A heart of stone turns in to a heart of flesh, blind eyes are made to see, deaf ears are made to hear and lame feet are made to walk. Don’t forget to pray as you read and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand!

Right when your fearless leader should be storming the castle, showing everyone who’s boss, He announces the bad guys will kill Him. This puts Peter over the edge, resulting in rebuke immediately following his first pat on the head for a correct answer. Oy vey!

We, like the disciples, filter everything Jesus says through the lense of our cultural frame of reference. I can only see things through the glasses of someone who has lived from 1985-2016. Jesus is talking as one who has been watching since forever. He sees things completely different. It’s not about splitting hairs over washing rituals, doctrines or prophesies, it’s about reconciling all humanity to God, teaching them to discover His perfect original designs: Loving Him and loving each other.

Pray for fresh perspective and understanding today.


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