Matthew 11-12

It seems a little strange that John the Baptist would ask Jesus if He’s really the Messiah. John was the first to proclaim it! But the poor guy is in prison and things are looking bleek.

Instead of responding with, “Duh John, of course I’m the Messiah! You, of all people, should know!” Jesus sends encouraging words then makes a speech about how great John is. He is beautifully gentle with our doubts.

Chapter 12 can feel a little tricky, but I want to focus on Jesus’ love and pursuit of the nations. Sometimes it feels grossly unfair that Israel got all God’s attention for so many years, but here we’re  reminded that the whole world has always been His. He wanted to use Israel to get to everyone. He will get to everyone anyway. Through Him (Jesus, seed of Abraham) all the nations of the world will be blessed. Hooray! That’s us!! 

His people are identified by their fruit, not their race (12:33). What does your fruit say about you?


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