Matthew 9-10

I’m overwhelmed right now. Maybe you are too. People I know are being diagnosed with cancer left and right, the world is a violent place, Christians are turning on each other in public formats, our bodies are fragile and for the love of God THE ELECTION. This is when faith comes in. Faith by definition is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. My faith is not anchored by the expectation that everything will be perfect, it is anchored by Jesus being who he says he is: the son of God who intercedes on my behalf by conquering death and sin.

When I read the stories in today’s chapters, I wondered if it would be easier to have unwavering faith in him if I saw him performing miracles with my own eyes.

But I have. I’ve seen him soften hardened hearts, answer prayers in the eleventh hour and dissolve incurable diseases. I hear stories of him comforting the mourning, appearing to people in dreams and audibly speaking to the stubborn. My own life is marked by stories of his goodness; my journals overflowing with my personal evidence.

We’re called to have faith in him. Sometimes I’m not sure what that is suppose to look like. Am I suppose to believe he will always cure the ill and raise the dead? He won’t. But I think we’re suppose to have faith that he will always be with us, that his timing is perfect, his plan for our lives is good and that we shouldn’t be afraid.

I love at the end of chapter 10 when Jesus says “don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God..” Fear only God. God never puts emphasis on our earthly well-being. He instead emphasizes that we’re not promised it.

Today, take a minute and reflect on your faith in Jesus. When is it strong? When is it weak? What is it based on? How would you describe it to someone? I think it’s good to think through these things once in a while; our relationship with God should be active.

Share your answers belong if you’d like!


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