2 Samuel 23-24

The relationship between David and Joab is incredible. I know you’re all dying for me to shut up about Joab, but I don’t think I’m going to. Sorry. 

So many ups and downs. David replaces him as commander, and Joab just retakes the job. I wish there was more written about their conversations. Disagreement after disagreement. Does David ever find out Joab’s the one who stealthy killed Absolam? AND Amasa?! Probably not! How are these two still working together? It’s been a long, crazy, bloody road. 

In chapter 24 we find Israel making God mad, David being incited to go against the law of the King, and taking a census. This ends horribly. I mean, the death of 70,000 men bad. And who was the person trying to stop this all from happening? My boy Joab. 

While I’m discussing topics I frequently repeat myself about, I’ll mention God’s gift and design of friendship. Not just friendship, camaraderie. And not just camaraderie; accountability

Why, you might ask, do I keep calling David and Joab friends? Because despite their differences, Joab has never stopped doing what he thinks is best for David and David hasn’t had Joab killed. This is significant. 

Carly is the best (it’s her birthday, I’m going to get off track). We’ve had some pretty major disagreements over the years, and anyone who knows her, can attest to the fact, she’s not the kind of friend who idly stands by. 

I think this is the kind of friend God wants us to be: challenging, stubborn and loyal. Always reminding each other what the Word says. Sticking around after a fight. Reminding each other about the Holiness and Goodness of God. 

There’s a heck of a lot more going on in these chapters. I want to make sure we don’t miss 24:24 “I will not offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God which cost me nothing.” But I also want to take a moment to think about what it looks like to stick with someone through thick and thin. I know we all look for these kind of friends, but how are we working to become that friend? Who is our example?

I’m crazy thankful for Carly. The fights she’s endured, the trials she’s faced with me, the fact we still are in each other’s lives so thoroughly, the laughter she creates and the light she’s helped bring to my darkness. You da best baby boo! I love you! Happy birthday!


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