2 Samuel 15-16

Absalom. What a hottie schmooze. You gotta watch out for attractive smooth talkers.

Things continue to go south for David. A major alliance he quickly loses is that of Ahithopel. He is the wisest man in the land and also Bathsheba’s grandpa. It should come to no surprise that homie’s got a grudge. He probably was a Uriah fan too. In fact, you’ll see at the end of 16 the whole “Absalom should sleep with all David’s concubines on the roof” was Ahithopel’s idea. Now why do scandalous rooftop shenanigans seem to be a fitting punishment?

David is a mess. He saw the fall of Saul, he knows how it goes when someone makes a huge mistake against the Lord. He even fully expects God to keep him out of Jerusalem forever. Why shouldn’t this be the way his story ends?

Because God is using David’s life as a major example/foreshadow. I’m not going to give away the end of this immediate story, but I want to remind us that Jesus is born of the line Solomon, son of Bathsheba. Sure, yes, son of David, but he’s got a lot of sons. Bathsheba has one son and that’s who is going to be king.

Funny how Absolams conspiracy starts with, “if only I could be your judge!” People were super into that idea because he was an attractive, charismatic leader. He even rewards his followers with kisses! My my! Hindsight is 20/20 and Israel does not know, as they’re running to make Absolam King, that if they just wait, Solomon will be the richest, wisest king to ever rule the world. 

I’m in a season of not knowing what happens next, but I know God has promised me good things ahead. I’ve made some mistakes, I’ve disqualified myself before, but God is saying, “give it a minute, greater things are yet to come.” 

We need not be hasty, or to run hopelessly into The Dark Place. Is there a sin that looms over you in shame? God wants you to know “it’s dealt with, and it’s time to move forward”. Is there a promise you doubt and are starting to improvise around? God says, “trust me with the rest of your story, and wait patiently on me. I’ll renew your strength.”

Don’t give in to Absolam today. Just wait.


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